The365List Early Launch is up live!
At the moment we’re intentionally keeping things very low-key and not making a big fuss about the site being available.¬†We wanted to roll out the work we’ve done so far and give our friends an early preview of the site in the hopes that they give us valuable feedback on what is useful and what isn’t.

What is The365List?
You can use The365List to find cool things to do around you such as an event like a concert or an activity like a good hiking trail or an interesting place like a restaurant or museum you didn’t know about.

Once you find something cool to do you can save that activity to your list, basically the equivalent of bookmarking it in order to keep track of it.

Activities saved on your list are also shared with your friends. Your friends can then save that activity to their list so you can who is also interested in doing the same things as you.

Likewise, you can also search for activities your friends want to do and view their lists so you don’t miss out on cool things your friends might be doing.

The365List makes it easy to discover and keep track of cool things to do, find out what your friends want to do and share things you want to do with your friends in the hopes that we can all get out and do more interesting activities with friends.

If you haven’t already, get yourself signed up on The365List and start finding interesting things to do and add the cool things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got around to yet.